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Why Us

We Are Builders

With A Heart

The culture of Goel Ganga is people-oriented; we like to think of ourselves as one big and happy family working together towards a single goal- Building Excellence. Our company culture is a mix of hard work, fun, mutual respect and a strong commitment to our clients and the community at large. There is a close friendship among our employees that adds value to their personal and professional lives. We strive to maintain an open, family-like atmosphere in our offices and on our job sites, where suggestions are welcome and appreciated. And like most families, we too have high expectations. We recruit and retain only the most talented and enthusiastic employees, many of whom have been with Goel Ganga for more than 30 years.

Great Locality

What always matters is where you are located. Developed at strategic locations keeping in mind the ultimate convenience of customers, your destination is sure to be next door. Malls for all your shopping needs. Airport and railway station close by for your weekend getaway. Best hospitals for your emergency healthcare. Renowned schools and colleges for your child’s education. Community of like-minded families.

Where you choose to live is a long-term decision and is an integral factor influencing your good living. We understand that lack of proximity to key locations can really get on anybody’s nerves. It is time to leave the traffic jam behind.

Legacy Promise

A commitment to innovation. Goel Ganga is a legacy which has been kept alive and thriving for a span of 34 years. The journey has been a long one and not without its fair share of challenges. Inspite of these, we have continuously remodeled our construction practices by taking inspiration from internationally acclaimed architecture. Although there have been several short periods of economic turbulences, today we are the proud owner of 40 million square feet of land, over which 66 projects have been constructed. More than 10,000 homes and dreams have defined Pune’s skyline.


Safety should never be compromised upon. And so, we ensure that you keep aside your security worries when you live your life to the fullest at Goel Ganga. In keeping with the technology and times, you will find CCTV security cameras keeping a visual track of happenings inside the building. Reliable and trustworthy security personnel are available 24/7. A close-knit community of like-minded individuals and families is what awaits you at our projects. Provision has also been made for security automation.

Delivery Schedule

Trust is something that sets us apart. Over the years, we are a name that every Pune resident knows and trusts.The engineering team puts a lot of effort to see to it that construction plans are implemented exactly the way it was promised to buyers. The best standards of construction not only result in efficiency but also enable us to adhere to the promised possession date. So, with Goel Ganga Developments, you can rest assured and delight in the happiness of moving into your own home.

Energy Saver Homes

One should not only take but also give. That is our motto. Our homes have the underlying commitment to give back to Nature more than what we have taken from her, and to help make the Earth a better place to live in. As our apartments are aligned for a better wind flow and there’s facility for solar water heating, individual power consumption is lowered, making the entire complex eco-friendly. Engineered to allow bright daylight into your apartment, it’s what we call the Optimised Living Area.

Financial Guidance

You need not know everything when you can get it done from the experts. To answer all doubts and queries you may have regarding financing options for your desired apartment, we have tie-ups with several leading banks, whose experienced personnel will guide you through all finance-related procedures. We also offer customised financial schemes under various heads. Our team at Goel Ganga Developments will help put your worries at ease with personal assistance.