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Why GoelGanga Developments?

We are the builders of good living and developers of superior lifestyles. With our passion for Fulfilling Life , we stimulate functional, environmental and aesthetic aspects to inspire blissful living. Our properties, well crafted and close to Nature, aid citizens lead a successful life with sustain ability, honesty and integrity. This helps communities to bond and cherish each other with pride, self-esteem, joy and laughter. Our ultimate goal:Lay bricks of value to construct and inspire a good living and aid human communities in every market sector.


Urban lives are fast-paced. We are so consumed by targets, meetings, presentations and deadlines, that we pay a blind eye to what happens around us. This is the main reason, we miss out on friendships, relations, companionship as also celebrations with friends and families. The people around our office desks and homes continue to matter us the least. Neighbours, today have no association with us, let alone our lives and what goes on with it. We go to work, letting strangers look after our kids, homes and things, but not neighbours, who are omnipresent in our lives.

There is no peace during weekdays and weekends are spent running errands. We forget we are social beings and face the wrath of it during an emergency or in some other delicate situation. We are all alone, without any emotional, moral or financial support. To resolve such issues and more, we, at Goel Ganga Developments present you with 'Yahan Zindagi Hai', an intent to promote good living. We, don't just build houses, we build homes. People of similar age groups, mindsets, interests and occupations reside in each others' vicinity. We make sure you unwind pleasantly during weekdays, without having to drive around after work.

With neighbours as your friends, it's good to have someone you trust to share (and contribute) your Netflix account or collect your online deliveries. You can leave your spare key with them, in case you misplace yours, borrow a screwdriver or a drilling machine. Neighbours water your plants while you are away, look after your kids or pets, give you fashion tips, let your children have a homework buddy, share recipes and cook delicious delicacies. Weekends especially, are filled with fun and frolic as you party together, have a barbeque feast, celebrate Friendship's Day as well as Holi, Diwali, Christmas and other holidays.

With neighbours as your family, you share your joys, sorrows, anxieties, insecurities and inhibitions. If you get stuck in a lift while riding it or if you need help during a medical emergency, you can always rely on your neighbours. In such a flourished ecosystem, you have neighbours, your extended family to support you, no matter what. A recent study conducted says, 'A healthy relationship with your community increases your happiness, decreases your stress and thereby lengthens your life'.

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